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Month: May 2017

Last stop in Yunnan: Lijiang (4)

After 6 days in Yunnan, my siblings and I finally reached the last stop of our journey: Lijiang 丽江.

Lijiang used to be an important transit point on the Tea Horse Road 茶马道 or Ancient Tea Route. This Tea Horse Road was a commerce trail, linking Tibet to China.

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The Royal Plains or Shangri-la (3)

I was looking forward to visit Shangri-la 香格里拉 and its surroundings, after my visit to Dali 大理. And I had the opportunity to see for myself how beautiful this place is.

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One day near Dali Ancient City (2)

 Dali Ancient City 大理古城 or Dali Town 大理镇 is one of Yunnan’s most popular tourist destinations. Dali Ancient City is 10 kilometers away from Xiaguan 下关镇 or Dali New Town 大理新镇.

My siblings and I stayed in a small inn in Shuanglang (双廊) (there, you can read more on Shuanglang here! ), located 40 minutes away from Dali.

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Shuanglang, on the banks of the Erhai Lake (1)

Summer 2016. I visited with my brother and sister the Yunnan Province 云南省, China, for a week. It was the first time we would just go on a trip in the inner lands of China.

Our first stop was Shuanglang 双廊, on the banks of the Erhai Lake 洱海 (“the ear-shaped sea”).

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Hej, Copenhagen!

Exploring new places is exciting.
Going back to a place where you have been to many years ago can be even more enriching. You get to discover things you never noticed the first time.
Last March, I happily went back to Copenhagen (or København) in Denmark for the second time.

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