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Six months in Luxembourg City

Six months went by, my adventure in Luxembourg City came to an end a few weeks ago.

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Day Trip in Trier, Germany

Happy All Saints day! It has been some time since I last wrote an article. Well, this ends tonight.

Last week, I visited Trier, also known as Trèves in French: it is a beautiful city on the banks of the Moselle river, home to many Roman monuments and vestiges as well as Karl Marx. Trier is said to be the oldest city in Germany.

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Day Trip to Amiens, an hour away from Paris

Paris can be overwhelming sometimes, and I believe it is a very good idea to escape the immensity and the noise of the French capital.

I have heard about Amiens’ breathtaking Cathedral, therefore I decided to go there for a day trip with my sister and her Canadian friends.

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Madrid: four days at the heart of Spain

A few days ago, I went on a four day trip to Madrid, Spain with my sister.

As the third city of the European Union in terms of population (right behind London and Paris), Madrid impressed me with its dynamism and its diversity.

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Hej, Copenhagen!

Exploring new places is exciting.
Going back to a place where you have been to many years ago can be even more enriching. You get to discover things you never noticed the first time.
Last March, I happily went back to Copenhagen (or København) in Denmark for the second time.

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Exploring Paris’ Abandoned Railways

I was supposed to revise – exams are coming up in two weeks – but a good friend of mine rang me and asked me if I wanted to go on a little trip to La Petite Ceinture – or The Little Belt.

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