Six months went by, my adventure in Luxembourg City came to an end a few weeks ago.

Luxembourg is a tiny country (57 km by 82 km!), and its capital is mostly known for its influence on financial markets, its importance for European institutions (for example, the European Investment Bank and the European Court of Justice are headquartered there) and its economical prosperity.

Beyond this pragmatic aspect, I wanted to emphasize on my personal vision of Luxembourg City – a very charming city surrounded by two rivers, standing on an old military fortress, with such an amazing and international community of people living there.

You will find below my recommendation for the best places to go in the city.

The Must-see & must-do in Luxembourg LOWER CITY

Take a walk in Clausen and the Grund

Drop by the Café des Artistes for some night live-jazz music (check their facebook page for updates) or chill at the Scott’s Pub.

How to get there? Take the elevator located in the Judiciary City (Cité Judiciaire)

My sister and I on a foggy day

Beautiful streets and colors after the rain

The famous Neumünster Abbaye – I know they hold cool concerts on that plaza during summertime

Bock Casemates (les Casemates du Bock)

The Bock is the fortress erected in the 10th century on the outskirts of old-town Luxembourg city. As Luxembourg was a strategical military location in Western Europe, the fortifications were constantly extended until the 18th century.

Today, it is a part of the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage since 1994. If you want to read more about the Bock, I recommend this website.

The Must-see & must-do in Luxembourg UPPER City

Stroll and shop in the Historical center (except on Sundays)

The historical city center is a large pedestrian-zone, with many shops, nice cafés and plazas.

For your information, almost every shops are closed on Sundays

Bierger-Center or the Town Hall on Place Guillaume II

Enjoy and shop at the weekly Markets on Place Guillaume II

Every Wednesday and Saturday mornings, you can buy some fresh food, groceries, flowers or bread on the Place Guillaume II in the Upper city.

The central and crowded Place d’Armes where the
annual Christmas market takes place

The Notre-Dame Cathedral near the Monument of Remembrance

Tramway line should be fully operational by 2019

The Grand Ducale Palace (Le Grand Palais Ducal)

The Grand Ducale Palace is the Duke’s town residence. Visits and guided tours are available from July to End of August. I unfortunately did not have the chance to get a peek of the Palace. That will be for next time!

Get lost – or try to get lost – in the small streets

I loved getting lost in the small and empty streets the Upper city, near Rue de l’eau and the Alzette river.

Shopping street: luxury brands & local bakeries in front of each other

Blend in and experience true Luxemburgers lifestyle…

Many people ask me what Luxemburgish sound like. All I can say for sure is that it does not sound French AT ALL. If you are curious and want to hear some Luxemburgish, you can go to Namur bakery or Oberweis, where you can enjoy some lunch or pastries.

Mission complete. Blending in with locals on a Saturday morning @Namur

Luxemburgers love their cars

Local supermarket

In September, the annual Schueberfouer funfair “foire” takes place

Best views of the city

Breathtaking view of Clausen valley

On the edge of the Upper city, along Rue Sigefroi and next to the Saint-Michel church, you have an amazing view on both the Grund and the Bock Casemates. This picture shows how close to the nature Luxembourg is: surrounded by forests, Autumn was incredible.

This red bridge links the Upper city to Kirchberg Plateau

View from the Pfaffenthal panoramic elevator

Near the Pescatore Center, do not miss the chance to take the Pfaffenthal elevator (for fun). The view is great and the sight of the elevator from below can be impressive!

View on the Pétrusse Valley from the Adolphe bridge

Just follow the bicycles. That is how I discovered it was possible to go below the bridge.

View of the Pétrusse Skatepark

View on the All-mighty Kirchberg

While Luxembourg has a medieval-like facet, the city also has a cosmopolite and modern facet. For the architecture or art lovers, going to the plateau of Kirchberg is a must.

The MUDAM (Museum of Modern Art Grand-Duc-Jean)

This contemporary art museum, built and designed by the very same architect who built the Louvre pyramid in Paris – Ieoh Ming Pei – and in collaboration with Luxemburgish Georges Reuter, was inaugurated in 2006.

You can count around one hour and a half to look around the museum (free for those below 26!), also, you can check their website for more information on their exhibitions.

Besides the museum and its contemporary art collection, I liked the MUDAM Café Sunday brunch as the setting is very pleasant. Don’t forget to book in advance though 🙂

Go to a concert or two at the Philharmonie

Located 5 minutes away from the MUDAM art museum stands the Philharmonie. And music lovers, behold... the Philharmonie offers a great and diverse program. From classical to electro/jazz/urban vibes, you can check the latest artist venue on their website for a good price.

If you are below 27 years old, you can also enjoy special deals for the season. As for me, I had the chance to see Nils Frahm, Benjamin Clementine and famous Finnish classical musicians Esa-Pekka Salonen and Pekka Kuusisto :).

If you prefer more contemporary artists, you can always go for Den Atelier‘s artist venues – decent ticket prices, small room and more intimate relationship with the musician(s).

Winter in Luxembourg Wonderland…

I did not have the chance to enjoy Luxembourg by the summer – I read plazas were full with people enjoying glasses of crémant, ice creams, live music…

However I wanted to share some pictures of Luxembourg during the winter – how magical it was!

View on the Ducale Palace Near Centre Pescatore Commercial street of LuxembourgNear the train-station “Gare” district, in the residential area of Bonnevoie Winter means hot wine and Xmas markets all over the city!

I will definitely come back to visit friends and to experience Luxembourg during summertime!

Hope you enjoyed my article on Luxembourg city! 

For more information on Luxembourg, I can only recommend this amazing website with plenty of updates on what to do/eat in Lux!