Happy All Saints day! It has been some time since I last wrote an article. Well, this ends tonight.

Last week, I visited Trier, also known as Trèves in French: it is a beautiful city on the banks of the Moselle river, home to many Roman monuments and vestiges as well as Karl Marx. Trier is said to be the oldest city in Germany.

The Must-Sees

La Porta Nigra (The Black Door)

The first thing you notice on that Roman gate is its color: the Gate is made of sandstones. I was impressed with the dimensions of the structure and was surprised to discover you could visit the Gate.

As the city was founded 2000 years ago, the Porta Nigra is one of the oldest defensive structure in Germany. The gate was used as the residence of a hermit monk around the 11th century. After his death, the Porta Nigra was transformed into a Church… which was later destroyed by Napoleon. Today, the Porta Nigra appearence has been restored to its medieval appearence.


The Cathedral of Trier (Dom or St Peter’s Cathedral)

Definitely do not miss the oldest cathedral of Germany.

What surprised me most in this cathedral is its diversity of architectural style. As you enter the cathedral, you stumble upon an atypical white Baroque chapel. If you look along the nave, you will be admiring Roman details. Dom cathedral is also home to many religious relics.

The church was actually built by the first Christian emperor Constantine around the 1st century AD. It was four time as big as the present-day cathedral. However after some damages along centuries, the damaged church was enlarged at the beginning of the 11th century with Roman and Gothic/Baroque details.


The Palace of Trier and its Garden

The Palace is now used as an administrative building. The building was not open for visit when I got there. The building is pretty, and you can always stroll in the Garden with its ponds, interesting statues and fountains.

I peeked into the windows, and I could see a little courtyard behind the Palace. The building is apparently connected to the Basilica of Constantine (which I unfortunately could not visit!).


Admire the Roman aqueduct and the Moselle river

Stroll & shop!

Shopping addicts will not be disappointed. Prices are cheaper in Trier than in Metz or Luxembourg. You will find many German and international retailers, restaurants and department stores.

View of the Porta Nigra

Interesting passage detail on Hauptmarkt

Local flower market on Hauptmarkt

Judentor or the Jewish district of Trier


Karl Marx House. Found friendly postcards full of praise addressed to Mr Marx in Chinese…

Christmasy Marxy

Beautiful view on St Gangolf Roman church on Hauptmarkt  

Hope you enjoyed my article on Trier though I did not manage to visit the Constantine Basilica nor the Imperial Roman Baths. It will be for next time 🙂

Next article: more to come on Luxembourg soon…